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A Portrait Of The Artist

Anastasia Elena Baranoff was destined for a life in the arts. Her dynamic passion, vibrant imagination, pure sense of color and true attention to detail, are the elements that distinguish her fine art. Constantly inspired by great literature, music, opera, ballet, Anastasia’s every creation is a bold proclamation of her individual voice. Anastasia Elena Baranoff   Anastasia is fifth generation of genuine egg tempera painters in a unique family of distinguished fine artists and icon writers, whose creations can be seen in leading museums and collections around the world. As a fine artist she is devoted to painting in genuine egg tempera and promoting this unique medium in the new millennium.  Her art has been exhibited at the Haggin Museum in California, Leepa Rattner Museum of Art in Florida, Bennington Center for the Arts in Vermont, Mall Galleries, The Mall in London, England, among other respected exhibition venues. All her l
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How Creativity Flows Through Her : Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine Interview

“While some artists carefully plan and execute every element within their work, others prefer a more organic creative process — like the flowing method by which ascending egg tempera painter Anastasia Elena Baranoff creates a unique fantastical world in which her emotions and experiences are shared with the viewer.....” Anastasia Elena Baranoff – Painting At The Easel   In an exclusive interview to Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine | Fine Art Today, the premier American publication for informed collectors, Anastasia gave an insight into her artistic process and life of a fine art painter.     FINE ART CONNOISSEUR MAGAZINE “HOW CREATIVITY FLOWS THROUGH HER” By Andrew Webster | Editor | Fine Art Today "I truly believe that as an artist you have to be constantly open to new directions, exploring different themes, genres, yourself and always evolving..."   The Art Stud