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How Creativity Flows Through Her : Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine Interview

“While some artists carefully plan and execute every element within their work, others prefer a more organic creative process — like the flowing method by which ascending egg tempera painter Anastasia Elena Baranoff creates a unique fantastical world in which her emotions and experiences are shared with the viewer.....”

Anastasia Elena Baranoff - The Fine Artist Painting At The Easel
Anastasia Elena Baranoff – Painting At The Easel


In an exclusive interview to Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine | Fine Art Today, the premier American publication for informed collectors, Anastasia gave an insight into her artistic process and life of a fine art painter.  




By Andrew Webster | Editor | Fine Art Today

"I truly believe that as an artist you have to be constantly open to new directions, exploring different themes, genres, yourself and always evolving..."
Anastasia Elena Baranoff - In The Art Studio
The Art Studio

"... Working much like a director composing a film, Baranoff orchestrates her characters on the two-dimensional stage, choosing decorations and costumes to create her imaginative works..."  

"An artwork should be expressive and visually compelling through the color palette, composition, and meaning; every single element of the painting has a special role..."


Read the full interview and feature article written by Andrew Webster at - How Creativity Flows Through Her  


Anastasia Elena Baranoff - In The Art Studio
Anastasia Elena Baranoff - In The Art Studio